Wednesday, January 20, 2010

hung up

i have this idea that in my brain is perfect, and in reality can't be created.

i want to paint someone else's body. and i want to do it with mirror paint.

i am really into the idea of interaction between the artist and the material and between the art and the viewer. i want the viewer to become the viewed. and i want it to be somewhat awkward.

so if there was a person in a room, painted on with reflective paint that the viewer could walk in and see themselves in the other person's face or chest, this would be the perfect version of interaction for me as of right now.

and i can't do it because colorful mirror paint doesn't exist. and regular mirror paint is mercury based and i would poison the person.

so that's that... i have some alternative ideas but none of them can measure up to this one. and i'm not sure if it's because this one is impossible, or if it's because it's perfect.

how do i get not hung up?

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