Thursday, November 5, 2009

didnt read anything you posted yet need to write nonsense probably.

just left senior seminar with one third of the senior artists on campus and then had an argument (right word i dont know) with my interior design roommate. i called half of the people(including her) closed minded because they looked at most of the art presented (damien hirst, corniela parker, marcel duchamp, picasso even) and said, "that's not art."

excuse me, what?!

what the hell IS art then??? roommate said she looks at damien hirst (picture of the lamb in fermaldehyde) and it disgusts her and doesn't inspire her and she never wants to look at it again, and therefore it's not art.
to me, something that creates such a strong reaction DEFINITELY makes it art. if you put a carved out of marble lamb that is "beautiful" in a gallery and put a real lamb in fermaldehyde in another gallery and you have, an equal reaction to the two, one in awe and one in disgust, how does that not make them both successful pieces of art.
how do you not appreciate that? you can hate something and still appreciate it's value.
and then i asked if it's not art then what is it? and she said an idea.
isn't art ideas?
i'm starving and shaky and not thinking clearly i want to write more but i cant.

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  1. " you can hate something and still appreciate it's value."

    i had to learn how to do this. only i did it my sophomore year and not durning the end of the first semester of my senior year. but this girl will never learn this.

    and can we even talk about what damien hirst even means to the art world, and not if his work is art or not? can this interior designer even grasp this?!?

    let's also bring to light, that, oh what's that? that's right!! - INTERIOR DESIGN IS NOT A FINE ART. the word "design" is not trivial in their title. therefore, i don't expect (and you shouldn't either) some one who has such limited small-minded training to be able to do the very least to a "disgusting" piece of art - appreciate it. ugh, interiors girls have always pissed me off, and have never fit in in the au art dept, this just solidifies this even more.