Thursday, October 8, 2009

Artist Pick 2: Photographer, Abelardo Morell

Click for Abelard Morel's website. It's very extensive and FUCKING AWESOME.

The photographs which I find to be the most breathtaking are from his book series. This dude travelled worldwide to get these pictures of different books. Wowwowza
What makes the photos so great is the way he captures the romance of books. PERFECTLY. The photo I chose for this entry , Dictionary, is my favorite from the book series, but the other book "portraits" are downright gorgeous as well

The reason I gravitated most strongly to Morel's book series is because of the very important relationship I have developed with books. They are my saviors during the hard times, without them I would probably in a very bad place. Ie-reality.

Anyway, also of note by him is his retelling and photographing of Alice in Wonderland using cut-outs mixed with real life elements (ie- cut out of Alice, real water). Makes for a very very interesting layered effect.
Lastly, check out Camera Obscura. It's not obvious in many of the pictures, but he's playing with images upside down using the extremely simple camera obscura.

Good shit.


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  1. i like the book for the blind one. TEXTUREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEmakesmehappy.