Friday, October 9, 2009

LOOK AT THIS! (Eric Fischl)

i dont know what a chromecoat is ...?


i like the chromecoats cause they're not so detailed. they feel felt rather than thought. the portrait paintings on his website i dont like as much. too much thinking.

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  1. I can totally see how you relate to his chromecoats, his style in those is so similar to yours.

    I looked at the portrait paintings you mentioned. I'm not in love with them but I do like them. I think it's interesting that you commented about them being thought about too much. I was looking for what you meant by that, but all I found was that I think he is making some sort of statement by making paintings that are obviously emulating high definition photography, with dramatic lighting and blahblah.
    Who knows what he is trying to say, whether it's a criticism of painting or of photography, but I like that he is saying something.
    At least from where I stand.