Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My first artist pick: Stephen Shanabrook

Stephen Shanabrook, "chocolatier."

Check out the link to see this dude's work. HE IS INSANE. My biggest question is about his suicide bomber piece (above), which is where that link should send you.

Shanabrook would go to morgues to cast the bodies and body parts that he wanted to become a part of his collection...but how in the world did he cast the body of a this dude with intestines hanging out and everything?? Was he called on site or WHAT.

One important thing to note about his work is that he makes a consistent effort to change the meaning of his mediums, something that can be difficult to do in a creative way in sculpture.
The chocolate is the biggest example of this, in that he is taking something edible and generally DELICIOUS and making it gross and icky.

Chocolate body part wedding favors...go figure. People are all sorts of nuts, and I kinda' like it.

I guess I won't be talking tootoo much about the artists or their process on here or whatever.
For this dude, I'll just say that I love his chocolate pieces and paper surgeries and pretty much everything else too.

Be warned that all of his stuff falls under the macabre in a kind of nauseating way.

He da bomb though.
As are all the artists I will introduce on this blog. Promise.