Monday, October 19, 2009

re: eureka!

it's funny... this is like one of the times when you say you thought i already knew that when i'm telling you i realized something about myself... cause i thought you already knew all of this. maybe it's just because i feel the same way about this stuff as you mostly.

anyway. i like that you say yours isn't beautiful in the way theirs is. because everyone has a different opinion of beautiful, especially in art. and i agree with you that if you can stand in front of a painting and get a feeling from it and feel the emotion, that's what matters. that's what's real and that's what i find beautiful about art.

also, you SHOULDNT need to paint things "perfectly" over and over, but i think you should know how to do these things, which is why we're in art school. but you should use this knowledge you have from school as a jumping off point for whatever you as an artist, not as a student want to do.

i think you're assuming a lot to say that the artist community needs to accept the fact of what you're saying. first of all, i think the artist community has accepted it already (look at all the artists that don't paint "pretty" things and are famous). i just think your artist community (in school) hasn't accepted this, because they're still painting pretty pictures. second of all, the artisit community doesn't NEED to do anything. that's what art is. you make what you make, you think it's beautiful (for whatever reason), maybe some people agree with you, and definitely some people think you're shit.

anyway, i didnt mean to say that your art program is bad or anything, i just mean that by the time we're seniors here we've already been treated as artists, not students, and so we feel like we can do whatever we want and not be judged for it. and i think a lot of us end up making "non-pretty" art that is beautiful.

i hope your eureka moment ends in a fuck them all attitude and you can let go of whatever it is you're holding on to and you can just DO whatever you feel is beautiful to you.

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