Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Things I Know About Myself

Straight from my artist journal (MY AJ)

-I am in love with the idea of projecting onto the canvas so strongly that it projects back onto me. Even though it kind of makes me want to die sometimes.

-THE PROCESS of the piece. I explore my own process AS it is happening. With the expectation that it will eventually lead to something else & etc. Reflecting the evolvement of ALL art (!?)

-THE EXPERIENCE of painting is draining and emotional and painful both physically and emotionally. It can be a passionate fight uphill that reaps no reward. As an artist, I bear my soul in each of my paintings. Sometimes, I do not like what I see. Possibly, the occasional forced nature of what I paint is caused by an inability (refusal?) to come to terms with whatever it is that I feel (or don't allow myself to feel) on a regular, exhausting, basis. This bearing of the soul is also why I have a hugely difficult time talking about my art. What I paint is all I can offer to the viewer, I can't offer much else.
This is the lot of the artist. I take the challenge on willingly, even though I am tired.

-Everything on the canvas has a reason for being there. The viewer should become involved with the piece. Everything comes from somewhere.

-I want to convey a strong message through my art. I would like the viewer to experience some emotion when viewing my work. I greatly admire artists who I connect with emotionally. I do not always know why I connect w/ particular artists, but I believe they have accomplished what they may have set out to do by impacting me in some way. It has a lot to do with the viewer.

-Looking to achieve a grittiness that will evoke personal, intimate emotions from the viewer.
CHALLENGE my viewer into an internal conversation on feminism

Make a statement

-As the artist I prefer to share VISUALLY & withhold vocally. Secrets lose their meaning when they are shared. The mystique of the symbol is lost & raped by the eagerness of the viewer to "get it." I would rather my viewer just FEEL IT. I paint for the viewer because she will be seeing my paintings not based on my emotions, but based on her own story.

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